JEA Sundial Town Hall with Bldgs. E & K Owners - Shared screen with speaker view
Marjorie Deprez
Asking questions are not due to anxiety, its more related to the lack of communication and silence on the condition of our buildings.
Mark Grieb
Any advise on how to deal with insurance adjuster. Our adjuster was not able to enter the building and told that E was being condemned
Since the buildings can not be accessed can we get updated drone photos or more detailed ones specific to each of our units.
Cathy Weiss
Do you know what SUNDIAL RESORT"S future plans are?
Beth Cooper
Jerry and I were there on Wed. owners of K205 and F303. We want to say thank you for the progress that we saw. It's upsetting to all of us but the board needs to be commended for what they are doing in this situation. It all is awful and yes we need to take it one day at a time. We
Beth Cooper
We were there on Wed. and saw the compromise to the buildings and it's a safety issue for people to go inside
Marjorie Deprez
Will you allow a delegated group of owners if any decisions need to be made.
Ellen K
Thanks Joe, and the Board for your updates and your openness about the process. And to think you are volunteers! Thank you for your time, energy and effort! Much appreciated. (E201)
Chris McLean
Is it possible to visit the site while staying beyond the fencing? I was unable to schedule through the Jenkins/Association Outlook application because the K building is not accessible at this time (understandably).
Chris McLean
Many thanks.
Beth Cooper
we just did that On Wed. and viewed the property from the beach
If the limit of the flood is 250K per unit, would they be paying out to the maximum if the upper floors were not affected by flood?
John Mahoney
Has the height of the surge been determined??
Cathy Weiss
the Weiss family would like to thank the board for everything that they have done. thanks again
Becky Crane (she/her/hers)
Hope is such a powerful thing ❤️ THANK YOU to the board and association for all you are doing to hopefully save our piece of paradise! Huge thank you for this session as well!
Beth Cooper
does it cost the HOA every time a threa/accusatory social media post/ email to consult legal
Pete Tulipana
Thank you. Very helpful meeting. Like many others we thank the Board for your time and commitment to working through this.
Beth Cooper
thank you very much and you have our 100% support Beth and Jerry Cooper
Kathy Munro
Thanks for everything you are doing for all of us...your efforts are much appreciated! Keep the faith
Ellen K
Mega thanks! from Ellen and Harris Kenner